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The truth is that the experience in a villa can greatly vary even concerning the same property. Only when the selection process has been based on the right criteria and the property has been offered with appropriate services, will the stay be rewarding.

Crafting a White Key Villa Experience for our guests is always a unique journey, nonetheless always relying on the same meticulous process; our extensive personal communication with guests and our intimate understanding of the makeup of the group and their aspired lifestyle, the way our guests should most comfortably travel and the services they will most appreciate in order to make their villa stay exceptional. Together with our trusted network of collaborators and providers, we then make sure that -- throughout their stay --  all expectations are met, anticipating possible complications, while proactively suggesting activities and services that will enhance their overall experience.

If you wonder what the White Key Villa Experience connotes, you should imagine yourself in a private seafront villa situated in one of the most spectacular countries on earth. Imagine spacious luxury en suite bedrooms, magnificent living areas, a stunning private pool and your meals being prepared by a gourmet chef and an attentive host. Away from your worries and the crowds, solely with your loving family and friends.

If you think only a first-class hotel can pamper you with spa services, imagine having a professional masseur and personal trainer offering their services on the premises of your private summer heaven. White Key arranges all of your desired activities and provides any additional services that you fancy for a fabulous vacation in the intimacy of your private villa. Your local personal concierge will guide you with all necessary insider tips and will propose options to satisfy even your most extravagant wishes. A luxury villa is as child-friendly as it gets and there are certain properties that are especially fun for children, offering a beachfront setting and velvety gardens to stroll around; having the entire property and its amenities solely for the use of your family and friends, your children can let off their steam as loudly and joyfully as they want without unsettling other guests.  

Lastly, a White Key villa allows you to experience your destination intimately. Where would you get a better initiation rite into the lifestyle, local culture, than by going grocery shopping with your private chef, exploring the fresh fish and produce markets, both often operated on picturesque boats by the harbor?

A White Key villa is the ultimate choice when it comes to luxury vacations; from celebrities and business executives to politicians and royalties, it is the preferred vacation choice of most discerning people. More importantly, it is a great place to spend quality time with your family and friends creating memories for a lifetime.