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Luxury Villas in Patmos

There is definitely something magical about Patmos. An unspoiled, sophisticated retreat for those who seek calm, fine beaches, exquisite architecture and laid-back, chic vibes, Patmos has a special aura that captivates the savvy traveler. Also known as the “island of revelation”, it was here that St. John wrote the book of Apocalypse in 95 AD. The dazzling capital of the island is Chora, crowned by the majestic Μοnastery of St. John the Divine, is considered one of the most beautiful Aegean towns.


You will instantly feel the mystic ambience surrounding Chora, which seems to be untouched by the passage of time. Gracious mansions of the 17th century with austere facades, whitewashed cubic houses and the vaulted alleys make up this medieval town built around the imposing Monastery. 

Almost all of these beautiful houses are nowadays owned by some of the most important Greek families and have been renovated with respect to the local tradition; as a result the majority of these mansions located in the Chora, do not feature a swimming pool. Cosmopolitan life is nothing new to this island, with its royal mix of world famous artists and everyday bohemians!

Patmos satisfies all different kinds of taste featuring some of the most gourmet restaurants in the Aegean and most beautiful and famous bars. Lastly, Patmos has an intriguing lace-like coastline to explore and also invites for a private yacht tour in the islets of Arkoi and Marathi, both with brilliant, crystal-clear waters.



Geographical location


How to get there

  • By plane to Athens and from there either by Boat (8 hours) or by Helicopter (50 min)  
  • By plane to Kos or Leros (direct flights from major European cities) and from there commercial or private boat to Patmos (approx 1.5 hrs)

What we love the most

Patmos/' beauty starts from its splendid Chora, which is built amphitheatrically right below the iconic Monastery, indesputably the flagship of the island. Grand manors and  neoclassical mansions, as well as all private residences in Chora belong to distinctive families from around the world, high-life is nothing new to Patmos, with its royalty, world famous artists and everyday bohemians, this place is truly cosmopolitan!