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Luxury Villas in Paros

Paros is the authentic definition of the Cyclades. One of the larger islands in the Aegean, it offers a wide range of activities, from world-famous wind-surfing beaches, gourmet restaurants, quiet traditional villages with delicious fish tavernas by the water, religious and cultural interest up to a wild nightlife. 

Paros is unique in that it has something for everyone. Young or old, party goers or culture seekers, bourgeois or bohemians, the island has a loyal following. Contrary to Mykonos, where one is bound to see and be seen, the more laid back and hedonistic atmosphere on Paros allows one to remain more incognito. Paros is also one of the most suitable destinations to rent a villa, as these are usually secluded and away from the crowds, yet at close distance to where the action is.

The numerous beautiful sandy beaches range from totally deserted to jam packed, especially in August, but the size of the island is such that there is always a place for those seeking relaxation and privacy. Having a car while you are there would be advisable if you want to explore off the beaten track and find a hidden gem of a taverna.

Paros is considered to be one of the best spots in the Greek islands for windsurfing with the New Golden Beach hosting the annual World Cup. Sailing is a great way to enjoy the Cyclades and from Paros you have plenty of opportunity to sail out over the clear waters, you might also want to try a little kite-surfing, water-skiing or diving.

The airport of Paros is still too small to accommodate private jets, limiting the access to the island to propeller planes and fast catamarans, which are an easy and comfortable alternative to travel from Athens in 2.5 hours.

Geographical location


How to get there

  • By plane to Mykonos (directly from major European cities) and from there either by boat (40min) or by helicopter (20min)
  • By plane to Athens and from there either by domestic flight to Paros (30min), or by boat (2h45min) or by helicopter (40 min) 

What we love the most

Paros is the one Cycladic island that addresses all ages and lifestyles. This place really has something for everybody, vibrant towns, low- key and sleepy villages,, places for hiking and exploration, cultural and religious events year-round, fantastic watersport facilities, great private residences, local cuisine and the list is endless.