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White Key News

February 15, 2019 · White Key News

The White Key Villas Paros Experience

The White Key Villas Paros Experience

With summer just around the corner, we are inviting you to join us on an inspiring visual journey as we are exploring some of our favorite destinations in Greece and the unique villa experience they offer.  

Ladies and gentleman, here comes Paros!

The cosmopolitan Cycladic island that has something for everyone; young or old, party goers or culture seekers, bourgeois or bohemians, the island has a loyal following. Contrary to Mykonos, where one is bound to see and be seen, the more laid back and hedonistic atmosphere on Paros allows one to remain more incognito. Paros is also one of the most suitable destinations to rent a villa, as these are usually secluded and away from the crowds, yet very often right on a beautiful beach. 

Sit back, dream of the Mediterranean sun, think of your summer voyage and get inspired.