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October 16, 2020 · White Key News

Luxury Villas in Greece Available for Longer Stays: Inspired Spaces for Remote Working

Luxury Villas in Greece Available for Longer Stays: Inspired Spaces for Remote Working

With summer making way to fall and to more triste temperatures, and with a new winter season signaling another unusual work and school circle, marked by social distancing and health and safety regulations, now is the right time to find an inspiring location, with a mild Mediterranean climate and a stunning seaside setting, to ride out the pandemic. 

Many of our luxury properties are not only remarkable summer residences but also perfectly equipped all-year homes, capable of equally pampering guests during the colder seasons. They lend themselves as fabulous long-stay sanctuaries for families working remotely or studying from home, featuring central heating, charming fire-places, and all necessary gear and equipment that transform all living areas into ideal cocooning hubs. 

Fabulous villas, nearby animated towns, and close to airports, with beautiful gardens and blissful surroundings, equipped with modern luxury amenities, cutting-edge technology, powerful internet connections, and a stunning sea-view ambiance, provide one-of-a-kind private enclaves for families who wish to safely elevate their daily ambiance. 

Private swimming pools and secluded nearby beaches are of course always available for the daring divers and for exciting walks, while our skilled cooking staff and many traditional taverns nearby are offering authentic culinary experiences, serving home-cooked meals and delightful fresh fish! 

From the Athens Riviera and its intimate cultural vibe to the many Greek islands, which have a life of their own in winters, such as Corfu, ParosSyros, Aegina or Crete, longs stays in a premium villa, provide for unforgettable settings, combining great weather, luxury accommodation, nature, and local authenticity.

If you want to use the newfound work and school flexibility creatively, gift your family with an inspiring home, away from home.