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May 24, 2021 · In the Press

TRAVEL + LEISURE | White Key Launches 'It's All Greek to Me' Tutoring Program

TRAVEL + LEISURE | White Key Launches 'It's All Greek to Me' Tutoring Program

We feel extremely honored reading Sarah Souli's story about how she enjoyed her stay at our Villa Fanya in Syros this spring, in her article titled “This Dreamy Greek Villa Offers a Private Chef, Infinity Pool, and Customized Language and Art Classes”, published in prestigious Travel + Leisure.  

Discovering our newly launched tutoring program, which focuses on Greek language, philosophy, architecture, history, and art, Sarah enjoyed her customised 'It's All Greek to Me' session at the villa, an interactive, yet rather unorthodoxly creative seminar introducing the depths of the Greek language, ethos, and culture.

In her article, Sarah describes her White Key Villa Experience at Villa Fanya and the services delivered at the premises of her villa, including a private yoga class and a Hippocratic-approved deep tissue massage, while she seems absolutely enamored with our new teaching concept, which combines the Greek summer vacation with private lessons of the Greek language, art, and architecture, as delivered by our charismatic Meropi Papastergiou. A fabulous fish-focused private meal made exclusively from local ingredients from Syros, prepared by award-winning island chef Kostas Bougiouris, was her degustation introduction to fine Greek cuisine on the island. 

Read our favorite quote here:

I had come to Syros, a Cycladic island four hours from Athens, to spend a weekend at Villa Fanya, part of White Key Villas, Greece's premier villa rental and concierge company. Just in time for this summer season, White Key Villas launched a new tutoring program designed to bring a piece of Greece to each guest. I was instantly intrigued by the intellectual edge of this offering. Private lessons include deep dives into ancient philosophy, art and architecture, and the epistemology of the Greek language. And seminars are rather cheekily called "It's All Greek to Me."

Read the entire story of Sarah Souli here.