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July 06, 2018 · In the Press

Telegraph: 20 Secrets of The Greek Islands

Telegraph: 20 Secrets of The Greek Islands

In this wonderful and very informative article of the Telegraph, 20 Secrets of The Greek Islands, Rachel Howard outlines the various Greek islands and island groups, describing their distinctive characteristics and explaining their individual appeal. 

We are delighted to be included as the best place to stay under Mykonos and Delos, with our beautiful luxury Villa Nadine and under Hydra with our beachfront Villa Citrus

Our favorite quote: 

"Back in the day when Greece’s ferries were as delightfully cheap as they were agonisingly slow, island-hopping around the Aegean was a rite of passage for travellers. Now, with catamarans, charter flights, a ferry route connecting the Ionian islands for the first time this summer, and a fleet of seaplanes scheduled to launch in 2019, even the most remote islands are (relatively) easy to reach. 

Finding the perfect one for you is more of a challenge. There are 6,000 Greek islands, broadly divided into six geographical groups, plus Crete. The best-known islands are the Cyclades, with their chalk-white villages, blue-domed chapels and seaside tavernas strung with garlands of sun-dried octopus."

Read the entire article here