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January 21, 2020 · In the Press

PHOENIX: Discovering Villa Smaragda & the Athens Riviera

PHOENIX: Discovering Villa Smaragda & the Athens Riviera

In her article titled, See Greece From a Different Point of View on the Athens Riviera, published in PHOENIX magazine, Mary-Jane Wiltsher, UK-based lifestyle and travel writer, re-discovers the Athens Riviera and all its fabulous charms and talks about her wonderful stay with us in stunning beachfront Villa Smaragda

Here is one of our favorite quotes: 

“Yes, it’s sunbaked. Yes, it’s bustling. Yes, public smoking bans are about as firm as a heap of velvety fava dip – but that’s all part of the charm. Even better, beyond Athens’ perimeters lie stretches of unsung coastline fringed with green pines, kissed by sandy coves and dotted with fashionable beachside bars. Long overlooked in favour of neighbouring Greek islands, this shoreline, christened the Athens Riviera, is now being celebrated.“

On Villa Smaragda

“With its sharp silhouette, exposed brick walls and minimal-clean interiors, this spacious 10-14 person private villa brings modern elegance to a rugged, beach-blown setting. Perched on a rocky outcrop in Attica, an hour’s drive from Athens, the property is enveloped by the jagged coastline, offering a panoramic sea vista.”

Read the entire article here.