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September 06, 2019 · In the Press

Penta: The Laid-Back Charm of the Greek Island of Spetses

Penta: The Laid-Back Charm of the Greek Island of Spetses

We are so thrilled with Chadner Navarro's article "Great Escapes: The Laid-Back Charm of the Greek Island of Spetses", as published in the American publication PENTA. Insightful and trendy, it reveals the unique charm of Spetses, this Athenian darling we favor as a company as well; it also mentions White Key Villas and elaborates on our stunning Villa Persa, situated right on the aristocratic Old Harbor. 

Here are some of our favorite quotes: 

"In more modern times, [Spetses] the island’s fame is rooted in its reputation for being the unassuming hideaway of the bold and the beautiful: a Greek prince was married here in 2010; the Niarchoses (who own the neighboring island of Spetsopoula) used to party here; and even the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Ingrid Bergman have retreated to this island on lavish, under-the-radar vacations. Today, this is what a lot of stylish Athenians pick for a quick jaunt where they don’t need to fight overly tanned tourists for a beach lounger. Instead, they get an island that is so steeped in idyllic tranquility that even the troubling murmur of car tires rolling over pebbled street can’t wrestle guests out of their dreamscapes—only four taxis are allowed access to Spetses."

"Coming in at under nine square miles in size, Spetses is a breeze to explore regardless of which corner of it you decide to stay in. And because it’s not a massively booming holiday destination (yet), it isn’t crowded with cookie-cutter accommodations. In fact, many of the well-heeled Athenians who come for weekends own homes on the island. 

Others rent them out to travelers. Villa Persa, for instance, is a six-bedroom, three-building estate, which offers incredible privacy thanks to its perch over the old harbor. Exclusively managed by White Key Villas, a travel company based in Greece that can add a culinary team or a local fixer to your stay, this property is just entering the market this season. Owned by a Greek family with an aristocratic lineage, Villa Persa blends stunning architectural details (including the pebbled mosaic courtyard, a feature that is popular on the island) with a charming lived-in aesthetic. It has a lush garden, several dining areas (both indoor and outdoor, of course, should you wish to hire a private chef), and a 52-foot long pool if you don’t want to make your way to the beach."

Read the entire article here