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March 05, 2021 · In the Press



Luxury Travel Magazine published a small selection of new fabulous properties, which we recently added into our portfolio, in an article published Five New Design-Led Homes Join Greece's White Key Villas, highliting that we have expanded our home-schooling amenities and private tutelage to include classes on Greek philosophy, poetry and ancient architecture.


Read our favorite quote:

"Greece’s White Key Villas, the country’s leading luxury villa and hospitality company, announced five new, standout properties for summer 2021. All are new builds ideal for a socially distanced vacation or long-stay work-from-home situation in five diverse destinations: the Cycladic capital (and often overlooked island) of Syros, the tony northern coastal town of Halkidiki, the chic hotspot of Paros, the mainland playground for the Athenian jet-set, Porto Heli, and even an off-the-beaten escape in yes, the swirling, cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. Further, the company has expanded its home-schooling amenities and private tutelage to include classes on Greek philosophy, poetry and ancient architecture."

The new properties mentioned in the article are: 

Villa Mellisos - Halkidiki. (pictured)- Positioned on the tip of a small cape right on sandy Lagomandra beach in Sithonia, this property is reminiscent of mythological Greek sceneries, while it also exemplifies modern design and architecture.

Villa Fanya - Syros. This brand-new property, designed by a renowned Greek architect, is an ode to sea-lovers bringing guests as close to the Aegean as possible. Located on a plot in Mega Gyalos, it descends right to sea level, while the movement of the sea hums a mesmerizing melody at all hours.

Villa Santhia - Paros. With a privileged beachfront location on famed Golden Beach, this property is a captivating private summer residence offering lavish accommodation and access to exhilarating water-sport facilities.

Villa Aminda - Porto Heli. This stunning architectural villa is located on a beachfront plot in Kounoupi in Porto Heli, opposite the island of Dokos and a swift drive to prestigious Costa.

Villa Remvy - Mykonos. Situated above Agios Sostis beach, one of the last pure sandy shores in Mykonos, this sophisticated summer villa is a fabulous luxury enclave that perfectly showcases the more private side of this extroverted cosmopolitan island.

Read the entire article here