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July 09, 2019 · In the Press

Family Traveller featuring our stunning Villa Libra in Skiathos

Family Traveller featuring our stunning Villa Libra in Skiathos

Very excited to be featured in beloved Family Traveller with our stunning Villa Libra in Skiathos - which indeed comes with all amenities of a dream home. 

Here is what the editors had to say about us:

"Take your Grecian isle vacation to the next level with White Key Villas, a dedicated Greek Luxury Villa operator. They have impeccable standards and ensure their selection is of the highest standard. They manage over 300 of the best private villas in Greece so you're sure to have plenty of choices no matter where you're headed. Uniquely, all their properties are family owned and used regularly by the owners themselves, so there is no feeling of "built to rent" here. Just like no one family is the same, each White Key villa is different. The experience and added value really starts at the consultation phase, where they expertly match you with the right property for your family depending on exactly what you're looking for. Naturally, at this end of the market the amenities and service that come with the villa are perfect. Private chefs, concierges and great family-friendly facilities are all included."

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