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February 03, 2020 · In the Press

FAMILY TRAVELLER: Discovering the Villa Experience on the Athens Riviera and Spetses

FAMILY TRAVELLER: Discovering the Villa Experience on the Athens Riviera and Spetses

We are beyond thrilled by everything Andrew Dent predicted about villa vacationing in Greece, specifically in the Athens Riviera and Spetses, in his amazing article “It’s All Greek”, published in beloved Family Traveller magazine. 

Here are our favorite quotes: 

 “While these are all lovely, the authentic way to do this part of the world is to stay in a private villa. Despite its recent financial woes, Greece – and Athens specifically – has generated considerable wealth over the generations. The results of this are some spectacular private homes that take pride of place on all the prime outcrops across the country. These properties have remained mostly off limits to the public – private bastions of luxury and serenity, used a few weeks a
year by wealthy Athenian families. That, however, is changing and it’s largely due to the fabulous White Key Villas. These guys hold the keys (literally) to 400 of the best properties across the mainland and islands of Greece for families with a healthy budget. “

“Our first White Key experience was Villa Smaragda, set on a commanding cliff facing the dazzling Aegean. The villa offers complete privacy and uninterrupted views and, while most of White Key’s properties are suitable for families, this one is especially so. Seven bedrooms spread out across an open-plan setting, all
on the same level, with a kids’ lounge, a massive games room and a separate beach house for teenagers, nannies or grandparents. “

“Aside from the curation of the best properties in Greece, White Key is renowned for its chefs and culinary experiences. Breakfast starts off at a leisurely pace, where you can serve yourself almost anything – juices, cereals, yogurts, fruit – then, just when you thought you were set, the chef pops his head ’round the corner and asks what you’d like from the kitchen. Oh, go on, then.... Pancakes, omelettes, amazing Greek sausages – nothing is too much trouble and it’s all delicious. “

“Well, it is Greece after all. Over the years, I’ve been to several Greek islands, so I was pleased to learn we were heading to a new one for me: Spetses. This gem is lesser known and there’s a reason for that – the Athenians like to keep it to themselves and therefore it lacks much in the way of hotels. Step up White Key Villas, which has seven properties on the island to suit various group sizes and styles. We were heading to the family-friendly Villa Persa. It’s classic in style, inside and out, with the atmosphere of a traditional country estate, set in beautiful gardens with a towering position overlooking the town and harbour. “

“I was hugely impressed by the Greek Riviera and especially the island of Spetses. The White Key touch is the icing on top. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. “

Read the entire article here.