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May 17, 2021 · In the Press

BLOOMBERG | Where to Stay in Greece | Private Villas

BLOOMBERG | Where to Stay in Greece | Private Villas

We are extremely delighted to be part of Nikki Ekstein’s enthusing article Where to Stay in Greece, From Private Villas to Five-Star Hotels published in BLOOMBERGdiscussing the kick-off of summer in Greece and the welcoming of American travelers to Europe. 

With the demand to the Aegean soaring, and with many fabulous options about where to luxuriously sojourn, we could not be happier to dominate the Villas and More section of the article, including our Villa Fanya in Syros and our Villa Santhia in Paros. 

Read our favorite quote: 

“White Key Villas has long cornered the market on luxury villa rentals throughout the Greek isles. For 2021, it’s introducing five new projects, some in destinations that fly under the radar, such as the Cycladic capital of Syros and the ritzy northern coastal town of Halkidiki. Villa Fanya in Syros is the brainchild of a Greek architect who designed the five-bedroom home to blend in with the moonlike coastline just outside its walls; in buzzy Paros, the six-bedroom Villa Santhia is practically designed to capture the bright rays that give neighboring Golden Beach its name and fame.”